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Sunday, 12 June 2016

The 5 Best Apps for iPad Pro where not need the Apple Pencil

Both models of iPad Pro, the 9.7 and 12.9 inches, are the only compatible with Apple Pencil and there are many applications you can get more with the stylus. However, everyone does not like Apple Pencil and prefer to use your iPad Pro's more traditional way.

If this is your case, you should know that there are also a number of applications for the iPad Pro when you do not need the Apple Pencil, and today we bring you a small selection with five of the best you can currently find in the App Store . Also, you can see a small preview of each video thanks to the guys have done 9to5Mac .
So we do not entertain us and we will see what these five applications you can use on your iPad Pro without using the Apple Pencil are. Here we go!

Pro iPad apps that do not require Apple Pencil


Ulysses is an application very similar writing you can find for your computer, offering the most complete environment for writing from your iOS device. If you normally write with the iPad Pro it is one of the best choices you can find in the App Store, but has a negative point and is its price: 24.99 €, but if you use it often worth the investment.

Tweetbot 4

One of the managers of Twitter most popular among users and that many use as the main application, even before the official social network. It has numerous tools to manage your Twitter profile and allows you to change the panel of activity on the other as statistics, tastes, etc.


One of the best managers of tasks you can find for iOS devices, and how could it be otherwise is also compatible with the iPad Pro. Plan your day and do not forget to do anything thanks to the lists and groups can create 2nd.


Application developed by Apple that turns your iOS device into different tactile tools with which to create your own music. You can also connect an electric guitar or bass to the device and playing with amplifiers and pedal. GarageBand is free for new devices, but if you have an older its price in the App Store is € 4.99.


This application perfectly combines the ease of use of iOS Notes app with the versatility of a multitrack editing studio. It also has numerous tools and effects that make Ferrite one of the best recording studio apps for the iPad Pro.

These are just some of the best applications for the iPad Pro when you do not need Apple Pencil, but there are many more. Therefore, we invite you to tell us in comments what for you the best application for the pen stylus is not necessary Apple.

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