The Apple Maps App will be updated iOS 10 -


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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Apple Maps App will be updated iOS 10

The Apple maps application will come with a new design in the new iOS 10 , the next mobile operating system company apple. In this sense it is clear that the new design focuses on the interface of the application itself and not the maps if they will remain the same as now.

Now Apple Maps application is much more proactive when showing tips and information, which will be much more helpful in finding a new destination and reach the. With the new update maps, which will also come to carplay, developers will have much more importance and will be possible to perform certain tasks that previously we could not, such as making a reservation at our favorite restaurant.

Thus, the new design will not only help us to find a suitable restaurant to our culinary tastes, but will also be able to show other information that may be useful to us during the trip. Once we are on the way, read new version of Maps you will now be able to tell the service stations that we find along the way or if the trip can last more than necessary to stop them.

Now Maps allow us to move forward on the road while driving, allowing us to see a little map. We will also have an intelligent zoom that works toward or away from the aerial view depending on where we are. For example, if we are in a long straight decrease the map size so we can see better, while closer if we are on a route within the city with tight bends or smaller streets.

At the moment, we are not those who enrolled in the Apple Developer program, we will have to wait for the arrival of the new iOS 10 to enjoy the new design and new features of the application of maps bitten apple company.

What do you think the news of the new Maps application? Did you expect a feature that has not been included?

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