The Apple Watch would use a micro-LED screen that consume less power than the OLED screen -


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Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Apple Watch would use a micro-LED screen that consume less power than the OLED screen

Apple apparently is preparing to put aside the rendidoras OLED screens used in today 's Apple Watch to a lower power consumption using the micro-LED technology, which could be implemented for a hardware upgrade of Apple Watch in 2017, as several digital media reporting.

Also, the information refers to the time of implementation of the micro-LED technology in the smart watch, as the Cupertino company could replace the OLED screens used so far in the Apple Watch by panels micro-LED as soon as you start the second half of 2017.

Citing those responsible supply chain in Taiwan, they say Apple created a research center on the northern side of Taiwan in April 2015 to investigate a new display technology. In May 2014, the firm bought in the United States Cupertino technology company LuxVue, where the first steps for the development of micro-LED technology were given.

From the side of the company, they believe they have achieved a technical breakthrough in terms in terms of energy consumption using panels micro-LEDs because they use much less battery power compared to other technologies commercially viable screen.

Micro-LED screens ranging in size from one micron to a hundred microns and costs more to mass produce the OLED panels, which already are more expensive than the classic LCD screen Apple currently uses in its mobile devices, except for Apple Watch uses a screen with OLED technology.

It is also expected that the Cupertino company make a hardware change in the iPhone 2017 and chooses to use OLED technology rather than continue using LCD screens that have been implemented for several generations of Apple's smartphone.

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