The Future iPhones could include more complex Motor Táptico -


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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Future iPhones could include more complex Motor Táptico

Rumors about the next iPhone Apple iPhone 7 are set aside to discuss future iPhones, namely iPhones 2017. These rumors put aside the design to focus on what really matters smartphones, your hardware.

We can not deny that we love to know a little more about the innovations that Apple may be taking place in the world of technology, we can not forget that it was the propulsive company smartphones we know today. So we can be alert to new surprises.

Apple wants us to know what is really a vibration

In a report which confirms that Apple may have decided to move in cycles of three years , ie, in a tick-tock-tock cycle - which is truly innovate every three years instead of two. Provided that this change will lead to improved innovations in the field of iPhone can not complain.

Returning to the report, this is also talk that 2017 teams will arrive equipped with sophisticated, able to create more complex vibration motors.

This report does not give more details on this new engine, but no doubt it is more than possible that Apple made ​​the decision to upgrade your Taptic Engine in 2017. The new engine could allow improvements for 3D Touch and expand tactile responses when we interact with the screen of your device.

"Future iPhone" is expected to arrive with major changes such as the end to end screen OLED - hopefully leaving behind Apple IPS - and a crystal case - reprising old ways. It is said that this iPhone will be the iPhone 8 and not the iPhone 7s would be the clunky. Apple possibly make this decision for marketing and to prevent their rivals (Samsung) exceed you in number.

This new terminal is also expected to leave behind the physical Home button and bring wireless charging. In turn, it is expected to leave the connector 3.5mm so as to achieve reducing the thickness of iPhones.

Automatic deletion of messages on iPhone and iPad.

And you? What do you expect future iPhones? Do you think Apple has stopped innovating?

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