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Monday, 20 June 2016

The iOS10 Apps will be much faster

We expect big changes with iOS 10. Apple introduced new products in the Messages application , implementation of a system of interaction with Siri apps , new features QuickType for the keyboard, a revamped lock screen , a new design for notifications and much more .

But after these great improvements, Apple also tucked some changes internally, as the technology that will allow iOS 10 make applications run faster and more fluid.

And how everything will work to make it faster? How they have decreased load times? Do you have to see the power of processors iPhone 7?

How will the apps on iOS 10?

Instead of loading all content while surfing in the application, the APIs previously assume you are accessing and content loaded before.

For example, if you are doing scroll in an application like Instagram, you'll notice that there are dozens of blocks, images, and other data elements. If you do fast scrolling, you'll notice some lag or delay in the flow of the application.

During a session of the WWDC, Apple has confirmed that the content will load before it appears on the iPhone screen. Today in iOS 9 content items loaded milliseconds before you get to them.

Now, as we advanced, Apple will make the items loaded a little earlier. According to the company, 60 frames per second is ideal, but the experience of scrolling currently does not reach that mark.

The technique that uses this technology is commonly called as "prefetching data" and it works the other way too. Items that disappear from your screen to continue making scrolling a little longer remain in the device memory, if you want to re-take a look at something important.

So, for the moment, we do not know is whether this new method for loading data into iOS applications 10 will make users consume more (or less) mobile data on your iPhone and / or iPad.

Have you already tried the new beta version of IOS 10? Have you noticed any change in the burden of application data? Share with other readers your opinion and experience from the comments.

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