The iPhone could reach 8 Dual Screen OLED Curve -


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Thursday, 2 June 2016

The iPhone could reach 8 Dual Screen OLED Curve

IPhone 8 or as Apple finally decides to call before submission, is emerging as a device that will bring many changes and interesting developments in the world of smartphones. That is at least what analysts and various media think about the future mobile device company on the block.

First, we have learned from reputable analyst Ming Chi Kuo as it will be the iPhone next year will introduce a major change in terms of what design and interaction with the device is concerned. So this year, with the arrival of the iPhone in July course , we will not see too many cosmetic changes but if there will be a significant advance in performance.

Now some comments saying that the apple smartphone next year could have a double curve such as screen and commented Kevin Wong, head of IHS's China. This could only mean one thing: the arrival of the OLED screen iPhone . And it is that LCD screens that Apple has been using so far can not bend because of the construction material, so that the new technology for screens seems closer than ever.

We have heard from numerous sources that Apple is very interested in this technology and that could be maintaining contact with some suppliers of OLED displays, and we even have the first phone that is Samsung in the market with the double curved screen AMOLED, so the idea is not at all far-fetched. The exact words of Kevin Wong are after Vivo Xplay 5 with its OLED 5.4 "screen, with the same curves that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, there will be more manufacturers using this technique, including Apple with the iPhone next year.

What still remains to be seen what will be the usefulness of having these curved edges, but analysts are already hinting that Apple will try to change the way users interact with their mobile devices by introducing a front that is completely made of glass, with all buttons, sensors, headsets and other ports, built inside somehow. It does not sound bad, right?

At the moment they are just rumors, but it could be that the curves of the screen can serve to host virtual buttons or sensors to give a much more spectacular in front of the device that would fully glazed look.

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