The kernel of IOS 10 is unencrypted, which would allow to make a jailbreak without problems -


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Thursday, 23 June 2016

The kernel of IOS 10 is unencrypted, which would allow to make a jailbreak without problems

The following news has taken us by surprise at all since the first beta of iOS 10 it comes with an unencrypted kernel that will make developers (and especially for the world of jailbreaking) are able to more easily detect operating system vulnerabilities .

This discovery by the online magazine MIT Technology Review can be a measure purposely made ​​by Apple, which would give a greater chance to eliminate possible vulnerabilities before publishing the final version of the OS

In the public versions of iOS, the core is encrypted so that the operating system is as safe as possible and makes it more difficult for third parties to create their own tweaks that could compromise the safety of other users.

However, with the first beta of IOS 10 was discharged from last week to registered developers, the core was unencrypted. This will make it easy to dismiss any defects, giving Apple the chance to fix them before they make public the SO

"That does not mean compromised the security of iOS 10," explains the MIT Technology Review. "But look for defects in this version of the operating system will be much easier."

If Apple can eliminate defects in iOS 10 early, greatly reduce the possibility of a jailbreak after the software out to the public. However, Apple is taking a big risk by leaving your open core.

A kernel encryption includes a security measure that is designed to prevent that it be modified. If you have access to this, it might be easier for hackers to create tools that can run on it.

Assuming Apple iOS kernel left 10 without encrypting intentionally for debugging and vulnerabilities before the official release, the measure itself is very risky by the company.

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