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Friday, 24 June 2016

The New Great Idea Apple iPhone Using a Hand

New Apple patent

Thanks to the new Apple patent, and if it developed its technology, you will become no longer need an iPhone 4 , 4s , or an iPhone to use the smartphone with one hand ...

A new Apple patent describes how, in the future, the iPhone will detect which hand you use to interact with the screen of the device for automatically moving the interface elements to a side for optimized use.

If you are using the left hand, whether or not you 're left - handed, buttons, applications and other elements of iOS will move to the left. What if your thumb is on the bottom right? The buttons will also be there.

According to Apple, this technology can be implemented through hardware features with the current iPhone. This indicates that simply suffice to post a new update IOS 10 .

Are we witnessing an upgrade of Reachability?

Some techniques require monitoring sensors accelerometer and gyroscope iPhone, and even track changes in performance signals while moving your hand over the screen and / or on the housing of the iPhone.

Another method to use this technology would be much simpler, use the Touch ID feature to know which hand the user uses the iPhone. And if we simplify further, you could add an option in Settings to indicate whether the user is left or right handed.

On the other hand, it could well be a kind of renovation or improvement of Reachability, the new feature that Apple introduced the iPhone to use with one hand.

What do you think about this new patent? Do you think that will be implemented soon in iOS?

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