The public beta of iOS 10 could launch between 13 and 14 July -


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Sunday, 26 June 2016

The public beta of iOS 10 could launch between 13 and 14 July

There is still no exact date for the launch of the public beta of IOS 10, but there are rumors that it would probably be between 13 and 14 July. According to several web portals, the first beta version of iOS 9 was released to developers on June 8, with a subsequent public release on July 9.

If Apple follows the line of updates of its main products, as it has done now, the public release date could be a month after the release of the first beta for developers of IOS 10. The list of compatible devices iOS 10 also It is announced by Apple in July.

It is expected that the final version of the operating system for mobile devices, is made in September, when to publicize the next generation Apple smartphone.

Poi other hand, remember that the beta for developers of IOS 10 has been found that the core of the device is unencrypted. This news came as a surprise both developers and the general public as the kernel if encrypt allow programmers more easily exploit operating system vulnerabilities.

Security experts speculate that Apple has either adopted a bold strategy, which includes encouraging users to report bugs in the system, or have made a big mistake.

Apple later commented on the issue, after the news spread.

"With the kernel deciphered, we can optimize operating system performance without compromising security , " said an Apple spokesman. It was not clear how this change will improve the performance of the operating system.

The explanation did not cover the fact that any programmer can still closely examine the code, but according to security expert iOS, Jonathan Zdziarski, said this means that more faults can be found and fixed easily.

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