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Monday, 27 June 2016

The stickers come to Twitter

Twitter The stickers are already here. The company has announced that the official Twitter application will receive in the coming days an update which will add stickers (ie stickers with emoticons) to pictures that go up to the social network. The style of the stickers Snapchat , the Twitter app will give us the ability to customize the images by choosing from hundreds of designs default.

The stickers can be customized on Twitter in both size and position, and will be fully interactive, which means that by clicking on any of them can see the creations that other users around the world have done with these same stickers.

The stickers Twitter, and will work

The Twitter stickers arrive in the coming days and will be available in the Google Play and the App Store
To add a sticker on Twitter the only thing we do is go in to the editing of photos (ie, we must click on the pencil icon that appears when you attach an image), and then we will see that there will be a new icon a face that will accompany the three editing options that had so far (better image, add filters and trim).

The interesting thing is that these stickers will be interactive, which means that clicking on a photo sticker on a rise by a user can see all the images that have been uploaded to Twitter with this sticker on concrete. For example, if you click on the sticker of glasses in a photograph, the application will show all the pictures uploaded to the social network which has been used sticker glasses, as explained in this interactive example .

When customizing a photograph, the stickers will be divided into different categories (in the style of emoticons of life), and will be fully customizable, which means you can rotate and resize to fit the we are editing photography. In the tab "Accessories" for example, we find stickers such as sunglasses, a hat or a crown.

Twitter has confirmed that this novelty will begin distributing both iOS and Android from the next day. And that's not the only change that has suffered the social network in recent weeks, as we have also been developments such as the increase in the maximum length of videos or "improvements" in blocking users , in addition to the expected change in the limit of 140 characters .

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