The vibration motor of your mobile phone can be used to spy -


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Thursday, 9 June 2016

The vibration motor of your mobile phone can be used to spy

Our information is in the crosshairs of hackers. It is something that these hackers make money if it is succulent, private information. They can make information kidnappings, blackmail, etc. For us hackers may have been stealing information all this time and we unknowingly ...

Researchers at the University of Illinois, Romit Roy and Roy Nirupam, have found that through vibration motor of our smartphone can record what happens around us. Better or worse measured by the frequency and power, but possible.

The vibration motor can act as a tiny speaker

For those who do not know, the engine vibration of our smartphone is composed of a magnet and an electromagnet coil form. Thus, the electromagnet, quickly changing polarization, causes the magnet to oscillate, toward or away. This is what causes vibration we feel.

This research is based on capturing the oscillations of the magnet by applying an external sound signal. The vibration motor, usually receives the signal from this smartphone and processed to generate the polarization changes. As with the vibrations of the magnet, also a signal from the outside that can be captured and processed is received. Something like a tiny speaker.

The signal we receive is not perfect and is far from the original. But the two researchers, through mechanisms of signal treaty, are able to reconstruct the signal a bit to make it more audible.

The researchers say that the sound must be received on the frequency 2kHz to have a good result. With testing more often, the result is not as good but still a little understandable. This study claims that its detection algorithm is able to recreate the 80% of voice and external voices with 60%. Of course, this is improvable.

In the video created by the developers can see the reconstruction process as after the Treaty of the signal can appreciate a little tune.

This shows that hackers can have another mechanism of espionage. Inserting the appropriate software on smartphone and processing all returned by the electromagnet, the electrical signal can hear our conversations. They can sell the information or blackmail us should be compromised information.

We advise you to go to the official website of the project, vibraphone, so you can see the quality of sound you get when processed. There are a number of demos where you hear him captured, processed and recorded it with the micro. The accuracy of what is caught by the vibration motor is surprisingly good.

The most conspiranoicos longer be pulling their hair and opening their smartphone to remove the engine. To say that this is a very complicated process and that only minds as the two researchers are able to develop such filtering algorithm of an electrical signal obtained from a coil. So quiet.

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