This is the new 'Mando' Apple TV -


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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

This is the new 'Mando' Apple TV

At WWDC 2016 Apple announced the news of TVOS 10 , the next version of the Apple TV operating system. In addition, the US company took the time to give to the world a new application that turns your iOS device into a remote "remote" to the Apple TV.

This new Remote application that turns your iOS device into a remote control for Apple TV has been completely refurbished. Thus, it is now much easier to control a fourth-generation Apple TV with an iPhone than it had ever seen.

Here we have more details on this "command" for the Apple TV, and a video for you to see how you can handle this device directly with your iPhone. Here we go!

You can control the Apple TV directly from your iPhone

The new remote application connects to Apple TV via Bluetooth connection and mimics the exact layout of Siri Remote control for browsing experience much easier and simplified through different input methods. When the content (movies or music) is playing, the Remote application includes a full view of the current playback to control it, along with a dedicated menu button and a button for Siri.

As is the case with the physical distance remote control Apple TV, navigation through the application of iOS is done through touch gestures. To enter text, such as passwords or usernames, it is much easier to do it from the control app for iOS, as any text field comes with the keyboard.

The iPhone can also be used as a controller to play your favorite games with the Apple TV. Remote app Apple TV is currently available for developers and you still can not download by users walk, which will have to wait until September when iOS TVOS 10 and 10 is released.

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