This trick with Emojis change the way in which Looking -


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Friday, 3 June 2016

This trick with Emojis change the way in which Looking

Emoji or smileys daily are used in conversations through instant messaging services to replace a word or to express a feeling. These small images are changing the way we talk in the digital age and thanks to a new feature of iOS they are about to change the way in which Internet searches performed.

Users of iPhone and iPad now have a new feature that lets you use emoji in the search bar of iOS that unfolds pulling downward when you are in any home screen of the device. As you'll see below it is a very simple yet very useful feature, although I must say that does not work with all emoji.

Use emoticons to search for things using the search bar iOS

You are looking for a place to have a drink with friends? Clothes shops? A restaurant to get some dinner? So far these things could find them using the search bar by typing directly iOS what you wanted, but now you have a much faster alternative that can save you some time.

All you need is to open the search bar iOS pulling under the Home screen and put, for example, the emoji pitcher of beer. You'll see how Spotlight automatically show you several suggestions of places you can go for a drink nearby and you can open with Apple Maps to know where it is exactly.

Some of the emoji that can be used in the search bar of iOS are:


Clothing Use emoji to search.
Family Use emoji to search.
Graduation cap Use emoji to search.
bills Use emoji to search.
Pizza Use emoji to search.
Taco Use emoji to search.
Package Use emoji to search.
Tickets Use emoji to search.
trees Use emoji to search.
Means of transport Use emoji to search.
mushrooms Use emoji to search.

The latter is not very useful, but could not stop mentioning. And it is that by putting the mushroom icon in the search bar of iOS are suggestions related to Super Mario Bros.

Do you know any more emoji operating in the search bar? If so do not hesitate to put it in the comments.

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