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Monday, 6 June 2016

Top 5 iPhone Apps

June is really hot! What about finding some exciting iOS apps to fill your memorable summer with joy? I’m sure you’d love to try out some new tricks to spice up your social networking, photo editing and more.

Whether you are a kid pinning for a delightful game or a passionate gamer craving to rush into an incredibly thrilling shooting spree, we have covered your interesting smartly. Let’s cross over to pick’em!

Top 5 iPhone Apps-2016

#1. Look
Look iPhone App Icon
Want to make people your webcam to let you show live streaming? Look has been ideally primed to suit your taste.
As for instance, if one of your friends has gone for a party at a restaurant, you can tell him/her to show what’s happening there. With plenty of cool features like, the option to comment on any video you watch, share videos with your friends, access commonly-used actions using 3D touch, it’s an absolute fun.
Price: Free
Download Look
#2. Finch for Twitter
Finch for Twitter iPhone App Icon
Do you want to discover and curate plenty of photos on Twitter? Finch for Twitter is the game for you.
There are a number of exciting features such as, the option to turn on your timeline into the gorgeous stream of photos, check out the photos of friends and celebrities you follow. You can save, like, retweet or share photos from any timeline. Create your fantastic collection of photos and share it to the world.
#3. Annotable
Annotable iPhone App Icon
Are you looking for a fabulous image annotation tool to let you create attractive photos? Annotable has been perfectly made to stand up to your expectation.
It comes with a lot of common tools like rectangles, ovals, arrows lines and texts to allow you to edit any photos as desired. With eight colors, three sizes and outlines, you can customize it to your heart’s liking.
Price: Free
Download Annotable
#4. Never Alone: Ki Edition
Never Alone iPhone App Icon
Do you like indulging into an atmospheric puzzle game? Never alone can be a scintillating option.
The epic journey of Nuna and his Fox is both full of wit and fun. As they desperately try to find out the main source of the eternal blizzard that threatens to destroy their small world, you would enjoy being part of their roller-coaster ride.
Price: $4.99
Download Never Alone
#5. Sky Force Reloaded
Sky Force Reloaded iPhone App Icon
How about making the most of an awesome shoot’em up the game? Sky Force Reloaded is exactly what you would want to Kickstart an awe-inspiring game.
There are a number of fantastic battles with mighty bosses. Empower your shield, missiles, guns, mega bombs, and magnets to launch an endless clash against enemies. Fight against all odds to rescue the stranded civilians.
#6. Sago Mini Road Trip
Sago Mini Road Trip iPhone App Icon
Hunting for a good educational game for your kid? Sago Mini Road Trip is the right choice.
Children would love having a ride with Jinja the cat. Choose your destination, select the vehicle you want and start off an exhilarating journey. Along the way, stop to wash the cat, fuel it up and continue to drive towards your destination.

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