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Monday, 6 June 2016

Unicode 9.0 and Facebook presents new Emojis Officially

We had already previously confirmed that Unicode 9.0 for iOS emoji present new 10 , but today officially presented the 72 emoji accepted by the platform.

In iOS 10 we will have a variety of emojis to express our feelings in instant messaging applications and social networks. Unicode Emoji 9 provide food, objects, faces and sports.

The Unicode platform launch new emoji on 21 June, curiously just a few days after the Apple WWDC 2016 , a conference will continue as usual from iPadizate.

What emoji come to iOS and Android 10 N?

There are 22 smileys "Smileys and people , " including an arm taking a selfie, a clown, a cowboy, a girl doing facepalm, a pregnant woman, a face drooling ...

Moreover, in the section "Animals" they have accepted emoji of a gorilla, a fox, a bat, a rhinoceros and a deer, among others.

Finally, in the section "Food & Beverage" (our favorite in CP) Emoji bacon, a plate of pancakes, an avocado, a glass of whiskey, an egg, a peanut, a croissant, a cucumber, will be added a kebab and many more ...

Do you like the new emoticons? They are emojiliciosos! 😛

Unicode web there are different styles for each emoji, since different platforms and systems incorporated with slight changes emoji in Android are more animated, and iOS 10 most elegant.

Images | Emojipedia

Facebook has also launched its own emoji

The engineers of the social network Mark Zuckerberg should not enthuse too emoji iOS, and have chosen to create their own emoji for Facebook Messenger . The new smileys have a strong resemblance to the Android emoji, with a lively and dynamic style.

Emoji Facebook Messenger replace the original iOS directly in the chat conversation, but not on the keyboard of the iPhone and iPad.

Download Facebook Messenger

You can get the messaging application Facebook, if you have not already, from the following widget downloads. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad, and free. Although you may not yet have activated the new Emoji, since the Facebook is introduced gradually in each country.

The truth is that there Emoji Messenger have their charm 😉 What do you think you guys / girls? Do you like emoji Facebook? And the Unicode 9?

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