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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Using 3D Touch to get directions Concretas

One of the most useful features of Apple Maps iPhone is the ability to get directions to your home or directions to your work from your current location.

This is a great feature that helps if you are exploring a new part of your city or if you have moved to another province.

Directions to home or work are offered through Apple Maps, and this feature is also available in Google Maps . To enable this feature you must fill in personal information in Contacts.

The use of 3D Touch to get directions

1. From the main screen of iOS, uses the 3D Touch the icon of the Apple Maps application (or Google Maps if you prefer).

2. Select "home address" from the menu list (or addresses to work).

3. The Maps application opens, press on start to get directions from your current location to your home.

As mentioned previously, this functionality is virtually the same in both Apple Maps and Google Maps, so you can use the application you like to navigate. If you use Google Maps you'll need to set your home address and work from the settings app.

By default, the addresses provided are for roads and vehicles, but if you're in an area of public infrastructure can get directions public transit to and from work home.

Try this tutorial the next time you're in an area you do not know your city, we are certainly facing a really useful function.

If you do not have 3D Touch on your iPhone, this function may not be as practical for you, but you can also get directions home and work addresses using the features built into the Apple Maps application. But remember, you must fill in all your information in your contact.

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