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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Video of the 72 New iOS10 Emojis

The most logical and likely includes Apple 's new iOS Emoji 10 in September, along with the official launch of the iPhone 7. The Unicode platform has recently confirmed what emoji are accepted, and today we show you the video.

Unicode 9.0 has accepted emoji for everyone: the #PaellaEmoji , a kebab, a cowboy, a 'facepalm "a selfie, a clown, bacon, a pregnant woman, a glass of whiskey ... And some pancakes!

If new emoji are not added in iOS 10 without doubt will in the release of IOS 10.1 or 10.2 version iOS. Interestingly, the beta version of IOS 10 does not contain emoji, but may be displayed in future beta updates.

Video of the new Emoji iOS 10

Apple has worked hard to continue the fight against racism and sexism with their new emoji, emoticons includes the set of faces and people of different genders and ethnicities.

Mysteriously two emoji have been rejected by the Unicode platform, due to complaints committee vote. Apple will not include emoji "rifle" and "modern pentathlon" because they include weapons. Moreover, other emoji have been modified before its final publication, as the emoji paella, which was once a "rice with things" and now rabbit, chicken, bachoqueta and garrofón.

Android Windows 10 and N have already included some new emojis in their builds for developers.

Still need to know a little detail ... Apple will add an emoji to the iPad? And one for the Apple TV? emoji of Apple Watch and other iPhone is currently available, but none of the devices mentioned above.

What is your favorite among 10 new Emoji iOS? What would you like emoji included in Apple iPhone and iPad?

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