Video shows the concept of what would be the Mac keyboard if a touch panel is included -


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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Video shows the concept of what would be the Mac keyboard if a touch panel is included

After it has spread the information that Apple will include an OLED touch screen on the MacBook Pro later this year, this new feature opens a number of possibilities and can be implemented in other products, including the keyboard Mac. so today we share a video where shown an impressive new concept of what would be a touch screen keyboard.

One of the rumors surrounding the MacBook Pro 2016 is the possible inclusion of an OLED touch bar. These rumors are supported by photographs leaked the internal hardware of the alleged MacBook Pro, where you could see a touch OLED bar at the top, where the keyboard.

If the rumor becomes reality, this would open a world of possibilities for the use of the touch bar, even if it includes Touch 3D and other concepts that give a range of extended functionality to the keyboard. In the following video this same concept applied to the Mac keyboard is displayed.

Apple keyboard with touch bar, could be used both independently and in conjunction with notebooks. With shortcuts to favorite applications, instant multimedia playback controls and buttons for the most common tools, it seems to be the perfect upgrade keyboard.

Putting a bar OLED touch on the keyboard, also it serves for those who use a Mac desktop computer and those who connect a monitor and external peripherals to a MacBook for use only as a desktop when they are at work.

The only problem that Apple would have to overcome is the enormous impact that a bar would touch OLED on the battery life of the keyboard.

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