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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Want to see what it looks like an iPhone iOS 10?

Recently, in our blog, we were discussing what it would Siri on iOS future , and overtook the Apple voice assistant would need to interact with third - party applications to evolve, and so it proved.

Now, Siri has entered a new dimension with iOS in October . The wizard will allow third - party applications integrated into your system to provide an infinitely better experience and usability to users of IOS 10.

Siri API in iOS 10 unfortunately only work with 6 different types of applications: messaging, transport, photo search, mobile payments, VoIP calls and health.

But then, how does it work?

How does the new system Siri to interact with other apps?

The way it works Siri in iOS 10 allows developers to forget about the problems of the core voice. Apple is responsible for speech recognition and interpretation of commands, Siri determines the user's intentions and decides whether the demure requires a third-party application or not.

The information that the third party app receives is simply limited to the data required to do what the user requests. Then, as shown in 9to5macfriends the application uses multiple APIs to create a response Sirikit displayed on the screen of the iPhone and / or iPad.

The user experience will be great as long as you want to use Siri with the 6 types of applications that supports their integration.

In future versions of iOS, it makes sense to expect that Apple expand the number of categories of apps compatible with the integration of Siri. In fact, we may see some more in IOS 10.1. But for the moment should be a joy ask Siri to send a specific message in WhatsApp, you buy a product on eBay, or entering a section of the Runtastic application.

IOS Review 10 video

Want to see what it looks like an iPhone iOS 10?

What do you think about the integration of Siri for iOS applications 10?

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