Watch out! Flash your iPhone Could Burn Skin -


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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Watch out! Flash your iPhone Could Burn Skin

In recent days there is a video that has gone viral on the net about a challenge called Sharpie Shock Challenge, for which it is necessary to have a Sharpie pen and an iPhone. Such videos often generate thousands of visits, but there are also people who lunges and tries to make the challenge at home.

Since CP we recommend not try the Sharpie Shock Challenge yourselves, because you could burn your skin. And although it may seem silly, it is something that could be quite dangerous.

The Sharpie Shock Challenge is one of the most recent viral challenges that has spread through social networks. Here we have more details on this challenge and why it can be dangerous.

Shock Sharpie Challenge, a challenge to the iPhone that could burn the skin

As you can see in the video there under these lines, the challenge is to paint a small area with a black Sharpie permanent marker, usually in the back of the hand or arm inside. Then the above opens the camera application and paste the flash on the iPhone to the area of ​​skin painted with the pen and takes a picture.

Apparently, to make this experience a "shock" or electric shocks. At the moment no known serious case, but this kind of thing could cause skin wounds, such as burns, so it is best not try to do this kind of challenges.

As a curiosity, I must say that if you are looking for the #sharpieshockchallenge hashtag on Twitter or Instagram will see hundreds of results as well as on YouTube, where more than 6,500 results d. Most of them are teenagers who wanted to experience in their own skin what you feel with the Sharpie Shock Challenge.

No one knows for sure how this challenge works and if you really feel that electric shocks by activating the flash of iPhone on the skin painted with permanent marker. There is a scientific principle that can explain how a brief flash of the camera and that iPhone has a permanent marker can warm enough to produce a crick in the skin or Sharpie ink can facilitate conducting electricity.

So why do you think that people who have made the challenge show these reactions? Do you think they are real or exaggerated?

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