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Monday, 27 June 2016

What are the roses phones to be trend?

The black and white are the main options when buying a mobile, especially the first. That color fits well with the plastic as primary material, hides the blows, sticks perfectly with any clothing, hides the screen when not stress the body of the touch panel and, ultimately, is usually the most common choice among users. White would follow if we stick to the most common, with many different colors to be appropriated mobile catalog.

Manufacturers are required to highlight, hence bet on colors that go beyond black and white. Blue, yellow or gold, a variant which many mobile "stop list" signed up to show their high status. As the key points to the type of audience who seeks to address the brand, what about the pink mobile?

Sexist association does not fail: pink is for women

In these times where the slightest excuse enough to influence the sexist and gender discrimination, it is at least curious that roses shades go directly to the female audience. No brand is to cite as is risk to the campaign kick context, but it will be implied by the aesthetics of the ads, its "target" and your message.

"The (insert here brand and model mobile) adapts to your pace and lifestyle". pastel, beauty in the composition, freshness and a pink mobile phone in the middle of the announcement, no mobile top to escape this trend. Samsung Galaxy S7, Sony Xperia X , iPhone 6S ... And a couple of days ago also the LG G5 hand Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. No brand will say it is an exclusive mobile for women, but who will lead them your message.

We all use smartphones alike and no concrete models that suit to use sAw because, ultimately, a mobile is a mobile, whether for a man or for a woman; although something special touches sell itself rather than not. Women with a taste for fashion, active, urbanite, young spirit ... That's the potential user of a mobile pink. Does it fit with reality?

Pink Rose will never be as it is: the tone softened ends

Although pink is not an option soled be just outside the mobile market, it does tend to be sold with this key when the device takes a while for sale. And usually kept a tonic: never be a striking pink (with some exceptions), but a "watered down" tone will be pink depending on how you impinging light. And this accomplishes several objectives.

The "bubblegum pink" is not a very appropriate color for a phone (or other objects): no matter how many we like to call attention, to do so is usually not desirable. In addition, this hue is often directed to lovers of fashion and design, double reason for discrete color result. Although not in the name, that there they will throw imagination.

The roses are moving trend, but not garish colors always
Rosa Rose Gold or Gold, this is the mode smartphones Star "pink" of the last batch. Disguising the product with elitism, glamor and bombastic name is the tonic to make it more attractive, especially when color is not the most common in the world. You can not deny: After black, the most common is found with white mobile. And one rose, though hardly noticeable in the light, gives distinction, also a man.

Why roses phones will be only for women? Another reason to soften the tone is precisely this: even a ridiculous (and retrograde) stereotype, pink seems not to men. But things change if it is a Rose Gold, so designers should think.

Would you buy a mobile pink?

Personally, pink is not my favorite colors, but I do recognize that I like the tone off of Rose Gold. With different color versions depending on reflections and, above all, with some differentiation from typical white, black and metal finishes. With such uniformity it is logical that the user wants something different, but I do not think it is right that the color in question is directed to women only as part of the stereotype.

You the given mobile pink pink gum is generally mentions the tonality, you consider this color as possible for your next purchase? Do you Devolveríais a mobile pink if what you give away? And if ye women: Does it bother you that manufacturers are directed to you when they add that color to the catalog?

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