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Sunday, 26 June 2016

What customer is better: Tweetbot vs Twitter

There are millions of users of Twitter for iPhone, but not all use the official Twitter client, one of the most widely used third - party applications is Tweetbot. The most apparent difference between these two apps is the price, the first - the officer is free while Tweetbot is priced at € 9.99 App Store.

But although the most remarkable, this is not the only difference between the two applications most used by Twitter users. Let us show you the differences between these two applications and see if the difference between the applications are well reflected in the price!


Because of the way Twitter works, develop an application for the social network can be considered a conviction. It is expensive for developers due to the collection of keys from Twitter to access the site, which means that the collection of the key passed to the user. Let's start with a quick look at these applications:

Twitter: when it was launched the Twitter app seemed like a joke, over the years has been improving gradually. It is basically a mobile version of the website, ie, it is made for the common user failing to promote the use of their potential users by more "professional", or manage multiple accounts. It is simple to use and is free of bells and whistles.

Tweetbot: its price is the main impediment to many users who make recreational use of the application. Tweetbot is not designed for what they believe most users, is created for those who share most of their day on Twitter, either for work or have a deep obsession with social network. The application has many configuration options for the interface, along with the wide variety of ways to get a better experience on Twitter.

Given that the 10 € of Tweetbot are not enough to stay away from the application, choose one of the two applications depends on how you use Twitter.

Tweetbot wins customization

When you open the Twitter app you find a similar website interface, with buttons for notifications, moments and DM, as well as the menu bar.

The functionality in the application is also the same as the web site, you can not make any changes in it. You can not change colors, menus or even change the font size. In the application of Twitter what you see is what you can do.

In contrast, Tweetbot has a variety of customization options. For example, in the lower accounts menu with two buttons on the right you can assign to the function you want: activity (mentions, replies, and new followers FAV), search, profile, mute filters or lists.

If you use lists to better control your feed, you can access them from the menu will make your life much easier. The official application hides the lists after several taps greatly hindering the use of our own. If you use the payment application on an iPad or iPhone Plus, you can have support for columns in landscape mode. Tweetbot also lets you choose from a variety of sources, choose username or full name in your timeline, resize images in your feed. It also includes a dark for those night owls and little excess brightness mode.


Tweetbot has many customization options in notifications, so you can modify them to receive only those you want. You can also modify the links, allowing you to open links in Tweetbot, Chrome or Safari, and includes a reading view that formats the visual style of the articles.

If you are looking for an application to customize, Tweetbot is indicated.

No ads and hide tweets

Twitter is a noisy place, where people tweeting many times a day, publications that do not seem to go to stop, and there is a high probability of having a dreaded spoiler.

Tweetbot has powerful filtering tools. You can mute keywords, phrases, users or hashtags. When you apply, any tweet that contains any of those things will not appear in your feed. Farewell to the spoilers.

Best of Tweetbot is that, being a third - party application not see ads on it. Seeing that every time tweets advertising are increasing, it would be an option to consider.


Let 's be honest, the general population only access Twitter a few times a day do not need to spend 10 € on an application for Twitter. If you only use one account, you do not give "much tralla" the hashtags and you see ads ... no matter the official app is what you need

If you spend much time a day on Twitter, Tweetbot is the best app to have an excellent experience at Twitter. Only the mute function makes many feel written off the 10 € it costs, and its extensive customizability makes are released to the pool. If you are in this bag not hesitate.

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