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Saturday, 11 June 2016

What we expect from iOS10 WWDC16 # on Apple?

During the last two months we have received all kinds of news and rumors about the iPhone 7 , but there are only a couple of days for the Apple developer conference, and it 's time to try to predict what developments will be incorporated into iOS 10.

It is true that iOS 9 is one of the most stable mobile operating systems in history, in fact, most users think that iOS is the most advanced in history, so ... What could incorporate iOS 10 for surprise everyone and improve the user experience?

Below we name some of the functions and features that we would like to Apple implement in iOS in October , and we encourage you to join the discussion by mentioning those functions you want to find.

New Features in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad

Night mode: iOS already has Night Shift mode and Do Not Disturb mode, but in recent days has speculated that Apple incorporate an off night mode with dark themes in iOS 10.

Guest mode: This is, without doubt, one of the most repeated requests by users of iPhone and iPad, a way for guests to not interfere with our privacy.

Split View for iPhone: Unfortunately , Apple has not built the fabulous multitasking iOS 9 in any model iPhone, with Split View open several apps at once and interact with both simultaneously.

Picture-in-Picture for iPhone: Like the Split View, Picture-in-Picture function belongs to multitasking iOS 9 for iPad , is a feature that allows you to play videos in overlay while other actions are performed with other apps background.

New on messages: It is said that the native iOS app messages 10 change for the better, with more customization options such as selecting colors for the chat, with stickers, and encryption.

Improvements Apple Music: It 's a secret loudly, Apple will improve the organization of the app Apple Music, and renew the design of its user interface with themes in black and white.

Changes in Pictures Native Apple Photos app will incorporate some of the features present in iPhoto.

Customizable Buttons in the Control Center: We have spent years asking for this feature to Apple, the possibility to introduce in the Control Center functions you want each user; low-power mode, mobile data, location, etc.

2.0 Siri: Siri will be the big star of the WWDC, will present its SDK, reach macOS , and possibly improve their capabilities to face interaction within iOS applications 10.

What do you think these functions? Would you add any more? Do not leave without visiting the improvements iOS 10 in Apple apps from where we indicate, more or less, where will pull Apple at WWDC June 13. This Monday do not miss the appointment! In iPadizate we cover the event throughout the day.

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