Whatsapp Gold, the new scam circulating on social networks

Gold Whatsapp is nothing more than a new scam of the Network seeks to steal personal data, as reported by various digital media. promises unique features. However, when you click on the download link, all we get is infecting our device with malicious files.

The message has spread through social networks like wildfire few days ago is: "Hey finally the secret version of Whatsapp Gold has been leaked. This version is only used by famous super. Now we can use us too. "

Obviously we find something a little ridiculous in itself nothing but read the above message, but that does not mean that more than one has fallen into the trap. Gold WhatsApp is "distributed" through such messages.

Whatsapp Gold promises exclusive features like video calling style of Skype, deleting messages sent by mistake, new issues, or the ability to send once up to 100 photographs, some useful, it could even colapsarnos a little really smartphone, either to us or to our poor contact that you get such information tralla. However, when you click on the download link WhatsApp Gold, the only thing we get is infecting our device with malicious files that will steal important data from your phone.

Thus, the company official warns that installing this type of unauthorized programs our smartphone is infected with malicious software and thus our private information is unprotected and can be transferred to third parties without our permission. But if you already installed do not worry, it is best to uninstall the application as soon as possible, update all applications, you check your security permissions and you check very well if you have installed any applications you do not know.
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