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Thursday, 23 June 2016

WhatsApp will add public groups and Emojis Giants in iOS

WhatsApp could be updated soon to add exciting new features. Latest reports suggest that next public groups, larger emoji and may also hear music within the app will be added.

Some images published by a German blog are those that have set off alarm bells about the possible developments in future updates of WhatsApp. Regarding the songs, everything seems to indicate that users can share with your contacts any song you have on the iPhone, as well as those with Apple Music.

By sharing a song, it would appear a small player that allows the receiver to listen without having to leave WhatsApp. But certainly the innovations that attracted the most attention are the public groups and giant emoji.

Public groups, large emoji and mentions reach WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp application is the most widely used system of instant messenger, we must recognize that there are many ways in which Telegram will take quite advantage . For example, with stickers, animated GIFs, public groups ...

According to rumors, the popular platform add support for emoji emoticons or larger. On the other hand, it also would be added to public chat groups, which would be accessed through a link, as occurs in Telegram.

But it did not stay here, because it seems that WhatsApp also allow the attention of a user mentioning using the "@" followed by the name of the user, as occurs on Twitter or in Telegram. And it is that users of its main competitor have these features for quite some time.

As you see, WhatsApp does not want to stay behind and gradually incorporating new functions and features. In this way, you can continue to compete alongside other options such as Telegram, which comes stomping.

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