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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Will Apple really want to delete the iTunes music download and streaming replace?

Again becomes the rumor that Apple indeed plans to eliminate music downloads through iTunes, although Apple spokesman, Tom Neumay, had denied such rumors. Apple apparently intends to focus more on its future streaming music service, Apple Music, instead of staying in the business of selling music digitally on iTunes.

According to sources , Apple may be preparing for a modernization that would make the iTunes music download service merme time. This will allow the company to gradually change the download service streaming to the side.

The same sources suggest that the upgrade could be discussed at WWDC next week and would be a good compromise between Apple and iTunes Music, while preparing for the potential closure of paid service for downloading music.

The sources could not share pictures or any confidential information about the upcoming release of iTunes, though a key aspect of the review is that more emphasis on iTunes music downloads and streaming Apple Music is made.

But on the other hand sources they say that the Cupertino company will not delete the music download service in the future or short term.

Early rumors suggested in May that the company was planning an estimated three to four years for the total abolition of iTunes music downloads, with a staggered termination based on regional popularity of paid downloads time.

This measure would be taken because profits from their buying digital music is in a tailspin since Apple has projected gross proceeds from downloads of about $ 600 million by 2019, well below the $ 3 , 9 billion paid downloads in 2012.

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