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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Will we see an iPhone 7 with a screen Without Marcos?

Every time is becoming less to officially meet the future iPhone 7 why the rumors are more numerous and harder sound . New rumors have emerged recently spoken of the possibility that the future iPhone 7 expect a Edge-to-edge screen, or what is the same, without frames.

Another change that could result in future flagship Apple is on the speakers, because as a leak is believed that could incorporate four speakers . Although meanwhile Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Values, said earlier this year that the iPhone 7 will not have too many changes or "attractive selling points."

However, the analyst believes that in 2017 Apple if completely redesigned smartphone, since it will be 10 years since the arrival of the first iPhone to market. So, Ming-Chi Kuo believes the iPhone 7s could have that frameless screen.

The second generation iPhone 7 could lose frames the screen

Rumors say that the iPhone 2017 will feature curved OLED screen with a design without frames. In addition to the bezels, the home button would disappear and would become tactile, as well as the Touch ID.

According to an Asian publication, the device could be called iPhone iPhone 8 instead of 7s and integrate a small táptico high performance engine to create complex tactile vibrations on the screen. This would make the 7s iPhone user can feel as if they were pressing the start button although this no longer physically exists and is tactile.

The truth is that it is quite complicated Apple to launch the iPhone 7 with a screen without frames, but facing the 2017 model the idea does not sound so far - fetched. Will the second generation iPhone in July that OLED screen without frames on the sides?

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