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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Worth the wait for the iPad 3 and iPad Air Mini 5 this year

In this year of the famous company it has already launched a number of new devices. This fresh version of the tablet iPad Pro with a diagonal of 9.7 inches and the iPhone SE - 4-inch smartphone with stuffing logo and iPhone 5s housing. The presentation took place in March 2016 we will not go into details, we detail previously talked about the "apple novelty" and its advantages for lovers online poker and other games.

Without But on March 21, many supporters of apple production slightly surprised by the fact that Apple's face tim cook a word, made no reference to two tablets expected. This is an iPad Air iPad mini 3 and 5. Actually we will lost наверстаем, and discuss some interesting facts about these models.

iPad Air 3

We begin with the rule of "aircraft" tablets. The fate of the Air iPad third generation is the most uncertain, compared to other "pills" for several reasons. First, unlike Mini, last year, the number of products of Air and has not received the update. And this despite the message sources that the company will offer a new model Air.

In addition, we all know that last year came the iPad Pro. Surely this event has influenced napoleon plans regarding Apple iPad Air. In the network they have also been rumors that the iPad Air and rule not cease to exist, and the expected third iPad Air and will not see the light.

Despite this, official statements by the representatives of Apple this time it was not. And this means that the era of the "air" tablets continues and we will receive the new iPad Air 3 later this year.

Optimistic and British edition of PC Advisor. Journalists believe that the release of the new iPad Air can take place in October or November this year. Perhaps, the most logical is all focus on the temporal scope - if in 2016, we will not hear any message from Apple, is likely to produce iPad Air will be terminated. Whatever you do, and from the moment of the output of the second iPad Air it has been a year and a half.

iPad Mini 5

Unlike the previous model, the prospect of the mini iPad 5 are clear. The model of the fourth generation of this line was released in September last year. In the edition of Macworld predict that the iPad Mini 5 appears on the counters of shops in October.

In any case, fans of apple products can expect at least another novelty in the range of models of Apple tablets. We will keep you informed on the development of new tablets of Air and Mini. While we recommend to follow our example and try to download ПокерСтарс on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Since it can be better than enjoying good games favorite gadget? Play, win and stay updated with the latest news in the world of Apple.

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