You never guess what is the most powerful mobile Android by AnTuTu -


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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

You never guess what is the most powerful mobile Android by AnTuTu

AnTuTu frequently publishes data on phones that have not yet hit the market but go around and tested. Also classifications like we have now at hand: the most powerful Android phones that can be purchased. What were the May? If you go to renew your smartphone and you most interested in is the power that you are interested. Although you will not find it easy to buy ...

10 phones AnTuTu ranking and two are iPhone

The most logical thing is that, in the case of smartphones power to excel at the top of benchmarks, also in the case of high-end phones with a price to match their performance. No big surprises at this point, either in fact found in the list to LG G5 , Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , iPhone 6S and iPhone SE. AnTuTu is a multisystem application, so it is very appropriate to contrast mobile competition (as we see, not misbehave).

What is the podium as the benchmark tool? We have three Android phones that are difficult to buy outside their country of origin, China: living Xplay 5 Elite, the Le Max 2 and the Zuk Z2 Pro , all with more than 136,000 points walking on a par score that the excellence of its hardware. If you needed more reasons to set eyes on importers, AnTuTu you give them away.

It is strange that no other tops appear like the HTC 10

In the test score influences the hardware, with the processor and GPU in the first instance, in addition to the software, a combination that moves the names of the 2016 to top tops. Xiaomi Mi5 , S7 Edge, LG G5 ... are not strangers, but it is curious that do not appear Android phones like HTC 10 or the Huawei P9 , smartphones moving in a similar price segment.

As we said in the beginning, a benchmark yields no real numbers on the behavior of mobile, but it provides a value indicative of what your benefits will be. Would not acceptable that, if we pay a high price for a device, it were within the list of the most powerful? To us so it seems.

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