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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

ZEISS Turn your iPhone into a Professional Camera

Sure there are a lot of users have been left with the desire to know some of the innovations that Apple has prepared for hardware last week during the celebration of a new edition of the WWDC . But even if not, ZEISS boys wanted to give a pleasant surprise to all photography enthusiasts who are lucky enough to have an iPhone.

With the iPhone considered by many as the smartphone with the most popular camera in the world, ZEISS leverages its 170 years of life bringing a new lens with wide - angle world of photography Happy Birthda l, which in this case supports the latest iPhone 6s and Apple 6s Plus. We must remember that partnered with ZEISS branded accessories ExoLens, something that will bring some interesting accessories allow users smartphone bitten apple.

Apple stores and apple.com will begin offering during this week kit wide - angle ZEISS ExoLens, including a machined aluminum support for a price of $ 199.95. On the other hand, we must note that the objectives macro and telephoto lens, will be available to buy online later this summer.

For those not aware of them, remind us that this site Flickr was announced that the iPhone had become the most used camera among its 112 million members. This may be one of the reasons why ZEISS announced in January that it intended to introduce professional quality lenses, which could attract photographers iPhone more sophisticated.

Most users are quite satisfied with the lens on the camera comes equipped iPhone, but some companies like Time and Olloclip have been producing some accessories to expand the capabilities of these devices. "The joint goal is to bring ZEISS ExoLens and where ever the quality and versatility of the cameras for the growing market of smartphones" as John E. Fellowes, CEO of Brands Fellowes said.

ZEISS lenses for the iPhone has a similar to its popular Batis series DSLR cameras look and boast the same aspheric design and also has an anti-reflective coating. The wide - angle ZEISS Mutate offers a field equivalent to a 18 mm lens, which is ideal for landscape view, architecture or for photographers who want a wider shot.

On the other hand we find that the telephoto Mutate be similar to a lens of 56 mm while the macro lens adjustment function will continuously focus on an equivalence of 40-80 mm lens. At the moment, we have to wait to know the quality of images that can be achieved with these new accessories, but we are convinced that photography lovers would be happy to have any of them.

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