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Saturday, 16 July 2016

10 Amazing Trivia WhatsApp that probably were unaware

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging platform used internationally Facebook that cost a whopping 19,000 billion, is one of the most popular applications today.

Most users of iOS and Android have installed the WhatsApp app on their devices. However, there are some interesting facts about WhatsApp that not everyone knows ...

Here are the most amazing WhatsApp curiosities about the company, its developers, and its messaging platform.

1. 5 people achieved 1,000 million downloads

The WhatsApp messaging service reached 1,000 million downloads on Android in March last year, the CEO said the WhatsApp for Android team consisted of 5 employees in total. Wow?

2. The co-founders were rejected by Facebook and Twitter

Both Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who worked on Yahoo, were rejected by Facebook and Twitter in your job interviews just before application create the most successful time messaging. Facebook and Twitter Well, well!

3. You can use WhatsApp to compress images and videos

WhatsApp lets you send photos and videos, then enter the folder Android or iOS albums to find the compressed versions.

4. WhatsApp creates accounts as [phone number] @ s.whatsapp.net

The service uses the XMPP protocol developed by Jabber. Therefore it uses the protocol ID in the form of [phone number] @ s.whatsapp.net.

5. Type "whatsapp: // send text = CYDIAPLUS?" In the browser

If you have WhatsApp installed on iOS and / or Android, you can write the code "whatsapp: // send text = IPADIZAME" in the address bar of your favorite web browser and WhatsApp automatically opens to ask who the message is addressed.

6. WhatsApp lets see if your messages have been read

WhatsApp provides users different checkmarks to allow to know if these messages have been read, or not.

7. Text Formats

WhatsApp also allows users to use different formats text as bold, underline and strikethrough. You can find out more here .

8. Without ads without games!

Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp, still retains a note from his friend and co-founder Brian Acton which read: "No games, no ads, and no tricks!". Guidelines to follow to make your messaging app triumph.

9. Spain is the European country with more use of WhatsApp

That's right, in Spain we love using WhatsApp, either to talk to our family and to be with our friends. 70% of users actively using WhatsApp.

10. Google was about to buy WhatsApp

Google could have anticipated Facebook in buying WhatsApp, despite having your app Hangouts, Google could have left up to 10,000 million dollars in the acquisition of the messaging platform, but the deal was never closed.

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