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Saturday, 9 July 2016

5 Spectacular Functions that WhatsApp will bring the iPhone

WhatsApp is one of the most instant messaging applications used internationally. Therefore, it is constantly updated to provide a better user experience on both iOS and Android.

Lately , much has been said about WhatsApp, which incidentally has already exceeded 100 million calls a day , and many of the rumors have already been confirmed by the beta versions of the app.

Then we inform you about all the new features, performance and features that offer WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone in your next updates of the App Store.

Video calls

WhatsApp is planning to implement a service of video calls that would be coupled with VoIP calls. A feature that is already available from other competing applications like Skype, Hangouts and FaceTime.

Effects in photographs

Recently it leaked that WhatsApp had copied a function of iOS messages 10 , the Apple app messaging. The function in question allows users to add effects to photos, even draw on them. Including, perhaps, Stickers, Emojis and filters.


The app WhatsApp for iPhone also allow you to send and play GIFs, animated images, GIFs and send links with thumbnail preview. Currently, sending a GIF is displayed as a video, and you have to download the file to view. With this update, the GIFs will automatically appear in the chat.

Share songs

Another new feature of WhatsApp on iPhone includes the ability to send and share music with other contacts, the receiver will see an item in the interface with a Play button and a music icon, as shown in leaked images enclosed .

giant emojis

Finally, and this is something we love, WhatsApp will offer users the possibility to send emoji giants, a feature that is also available on iOS messages 10 and which is now available on Facebook Messenger.

In addition, and as we have been able to discover in recent days, WhatsApp also allow create public groups by expanding the service after the upgrade increasing the limit up to 256 users in groups.

What do you think the news WhatsApp for iPhone? Do you think coming soon to iOS?

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