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Sunday, 10 July 2016

8 reasons for not upgrading to Windows 10

Until the end of the period of the free upgrade to Windows 10, which ends on June 29 remains three weeks, therefore, not surprising that Microsoft is very proposed in the "top ten". From now on, the work on a Windows 7 and Windows 8, computer users have begun receiving full-screen reminders about the upcoming end of the promotion, which lasted a year.

By the end of the month, users licensing systems operating Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be free to Windows 10. However, many still do not rush to seize this opportunity. They wanted to remain in the normal version of "windows" as users and customers of the company.

"We do not translate our clients in Windows 10, as there are still some incompatibilities, besides development efforts," said general manager Sabio Information Technologies mario santiago. It is clear that still have to go with previous versions of the operating system, including popular in the environment of Windows 7. "But we try to throw it as far as possible," said Santiago.

CRN edition called to 8 of the main reasons why it is not worth going ahead with the upgrade to Windows 10.

1. The risks of incompatibility

According to the head of Software To Go joe Балсаротти, the company has several clients, teams that have actually passed Windows 10 (he called it "force an update"), and after this "something has stopped working is a printer or a hardware component. " The result: "We have had to rollback" in the previous version of Windows.

2. The problem of updating with Windows 7

Matt Тинни Windows Management Experts, a systems integrator of infrastructure and cloud Microsoft, says "most believe that" everything that works in Windows 8, and Windows 10 will ". "When you move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is not," he said.

And this, of course, the problem because Windows 7 is still the most common operating system. If someone has thought to update, to that we must prepare. "We strongly recommend that users performed compatibility tests to ensure that their applications are really going to work on the new operating system recommend," he said.

3. Risks to thwart projects

For those who are now in the process of execution of an important project of migration to Windows 10 it is not the smartest way. Even if you have no problems with compatibility update at least it takes time, even to make all the settings for the new operating system. "It is the best time for the organization or the user, who hastens to complete the ongoing project," says Балсаротти.

4. The time assimilating

"It must be Enseado" in Windows 10, warns Балсаротти. "No matter what they say. Family things change, and you should work with them differently, "he said. And this is particularly serious problem of "the persecution of users." "Change something in накатанных working methods is his grace" Балсаротти said.

5. The lock in the update process

Some equipment when upgrading to Windows 10 may be caught in the process and not give the possibility to undo the previous version of the operating system. Do not you think? Look at Google.

6. The imaginary security

In Microsoft say that the main direction of upgrading to Windows 10 is the new level of security, says founder and chief technology officer of the company deepak kumar Adaptive. But nobody said that Windows 7 is not protected, and Microsoft will continue to support and send updates before 2020.

In addition, some of the most valuable of the new features of Windows 10 actually are not available for all users. In particular, this refers to the biometric authentication Windows Hello (requires special equipment), and protection against malware Device Guard (only available in the Enterprise version of Windows 10).

7. New system requirements

Not all pc have enough ram and storage space of the unit, to use Windows 10, and this need to update hardware resources someone will stop. At a minimum, you need to check the pc in meeting the system requirements before attempting to upgrade to Windows 10.

8. The new operating system on a new pc

The potential benefits of the upgrade does not outweigh the risks, especially in the case of new equipment, consider Балсаротти. "Why make trouble? No such problems is necessary, "he says. - If someone three years with the team that Windows 7 worth it, and [wants] to put on it [Windows] 10, that has consequences on many levels - plus page Microsoft ".

"I'm not against the new operating system," says Балсаротти, taking into account, of course, Windows 10. "But never let anyone recommended is" operating system update "," - said the expert. Its principle: the path of the pc works with the operating system already worth. "It Let the machine run until the end, and when you buy a new, place it and its new operating system", - summed.

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