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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A mockup of the iPhone 7 shows in detail in a video HD

The video will be shown in this article is not intended to show a iPhone 7 real, but rather referred to clones made ​​in China next Apple device that has generated a lot of rumors.

If we think about it, most of the reports and rumors are based on low-quality photographs iPhone 7 as well as short video clips and low quality that was difficult to examine in more detail the device.

Here we show a video that suggests why these circumstances.

This is because most iPhone units 7 does not work either, the phones are clones derived from the rumors that have been growing in becomes the new smartphone from Apple and that are being produced by manufacturers in China. The device shown in the video below costs $ 150 USD.

The clones are based on accurate designs or simply rely considering rumors and reports somewhat imprecise. The manufacturer of the copy in the video above, says his model is based on the actual model, after acquiring a genuine iPhone casing 7.
There have been iPhone clones often be well managed accurate in representing physical design changes, the original device, and many believe that this design is based on real schematics filtered Apple device.

As has been the case most recent reports, the clone in the video above shows the future smartphone based on the design of the iPhone 6s with repositioning bands antenna, a camera greater openness, and elimination the headphone jack of 3.5 mm. The video also reveals the front of the device showing that it is a fictitious unit that contains only a sticker on the front iOS.

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