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Friday, 22 July 2016

A Simple Message could hack your iPhone or iPad

Apparently, the new features in iOS Posts 10 are not the only changes that Apple has implemented in its messaging platform for iOS and OS X (macOS Sierra).

Recently, it has discovered a dangerous security flaw in the system that would allow any hacker to access your data, passwords and files by sending a single message.

Fortunately, Apple has had to improve the safety of iMessage for iPhone, iPad and Mac following the release of iOS 9.3.3 because the ruling does not affect the latest versions of iOS and OS X.

Beware of messages from unknown!

The vulnerability discovered by a researcher at Cisco can make a hacker access to all data and passwords from your iPhone or iPad by sending a message on almost any version of iOS and OS X.

At this point you may be wondering what the message, well, it turns out that a hacker could send a .tif file (a picture) which, upon receipt, you can run a code that gives the hacker full access to your iPhone and / or iPad with your stored passwords.

To prevent anyone from accessing your private data, you'll need to update your iPhone and your iPad to iOS 9.3.3 version, and your Mac to version 10.11.6 El Capitan.

Or simply, you can stop using the iMessage app disabling usability from Settings.

For now, Apple has not posted any any press release or statement. What do you think about this vulnerability? Do you think it's true? Could Apple be a strategy to increase statistical update to iOS 9.3.3?

Since iPadizate thought it would be a counterproductive strategy, so we recommend that ipso-facto actualize your devices to the latest version.

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