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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Xiaomi 600 euros is possible, and for this year

If something Xiaomi is characterized, Chinese fashion brand lately, is to market comparable devices to high-end manufacturers like Samsung with its Galaxy S7 or LG with LG G5, at prices substantially lower than at the time of the release, it can be 50% lower. Proof of this is the Xiaomi looking Mi5 facing terminals as the Galaxy S7 or LG G5 in almost every aspect. Today however, has come a story that can break a team that has existed since the appearance on the market. The binomial low-Performance Xiaomi high price may be close to extinction. And the Chinese brand is thinking of marketing a Xiaomi 600 euros, thus approaching the prices of high - end of any consolidated manufacturer, Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and others.

And it is that this is not a rumor or anything resembling speculation since the information comes from statements by the co-founder of the company, Liwan Jiang. This told us, during the course of a conference Xiaomi wants to attack the market for higher-end presenting a terminal of more than 4000 yuan (600 euros) sometime this year.

Un Xiaomi de 600 euros es posible, y para este mismo año

Once we know this we must ask, What can you offer Xiaomi for 600 euros if for less than 400 euros offers a Xiaomi Mi5 us? The truth is that terminals as Xiaomi MI5 is well above terminals of the same price or equal to 200 euros others who are above expectations make what may submit Xiaomi for 600 euros are truly high.

Now if we go into the rumor mill because it is said that the Xiaomi 600 euros can be a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 but with curves on the sides of the screen, the unmistakable style of the Galaxy S7 or even more than that screens we will see in within hours, the Galaxy Note 7 . If you already specifications Xiaomi Mi Note 2 are high - end specifications curve screen on both sides you would rise to the top of the range Android. Remember that come with a screen that would be 5.2 inches 2K resolution and a density of 554 ppi. The processor would be a Snapdragon 820 accompanied by 4 GB of RAM. The main chamber would be 16 Mpx while the front is 6 Mpx. The internal storage may have values ​​of 16 GB to 64 GB and have the possibility of expansion through microSD. We would have a Type-C connector for USB and execute marshmallow Android 6.0.

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