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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Adding Video During a call with LiveRinging

We all know well enough to add a background image when someone is calling us. And if you wanted to add a video? It is possible and quite simple if you have an iPhone with Jailbreak iOS 9. Just you have to install on your iPhone a tweak from Cydia that has been recently launched, LiveRinging.

LiveRinging is a Cydia tweak that is available in the BigBoss repository. This Cydia tweak can be a good component for your customization features. Although it has a downside: it's not free. The user interface is quite appealing tweak and understandable set it is practically equal to deal with native iOS settings.


After you have installed the tweak, you can go to the preferences section in the Settings app, in addition to enable and disable the tweak. In the preferences section you can assign video for unknown calls and for your saved contacts. As you might expect, you can assign videos to individual contacts.

To assign individual contacts video, you need to edit the contact. In the edit panel you will find a new option called "Add video" just below "Add photo". Simply click, choose a video, save and you've finished. From that moment when you call the contact you the video you have chosen in the call screen appears startup.

Tweak this price is $ 1.99, it does not seem a particularly high price for the functionality it offers. If you're a crazy customizing this is your tweak, exceeds the barrier photos.

Add the BigBoss repository

In the Cydia app go to the Fonts tab, once there click on "Edit" then on the top left button "Add". Enter the source repository and then click on "Add Source".

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