After the Touch ID, you will reach the "Eye ID" to the iPhone in 2018 -


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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

After the Touch ID, you will reach the "Eye ID" to the iPhone in 2018

In the not too distant future, you will not need to touch your iPhone to unlock it. It seems surreal, but true.

Smartphone manufacturing companies are starting a technology race to incorporate functionality iris scanner on the devices.

Apple, of course, will join the race to include iris scan technology on the iPhone during 2018.

The incorporation of scanning eye could completely replace the Touch ID, although it is possible that the two functions coexist.

However, it would be difficult to completely remove the Home iPhone and iPad button as it is used for other practices such as multitasking, forced restart, etc.

But obviously, Apple is not the only company that will implement the technology iris scanner. Samsung will also participate and is expected to include the technology in their smartphones during the second half of 2016.

Other companies like Xiaomi and Leeco are also supposedly working on their own scanners eyes. Unlock a smartphone with the iris of the eye could offer great benefits to users, such as the release rate and increased security.

There have been other rumors about the iPhone in 2018, it said that the smartphone will have a back cover glass, a curved screen OLED and other changes in its design.

But really ... what it is faster? IPhone Unlock it with your finger? Or unlock the iPhone with the eye? And with the voice, it would be even better? What opinais guys / girls?

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