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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Ahead, behind and to the side: that's the new Note7

@evleaks , the filtering for excellence in our industry, just expose the design that will bring the Samsung Galaxy Note7 (it seems to have to get used to say "Note" and "7" with no space in between). The successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (yes, the South Koreans skip the six) will have a curved screen on both sides, and now has been seen in three different housing colors: black, silver and blue.

Samsung Galaxy Note7, so it will look

Lest ye aburráis seeing how we talk about the differences in design Note7 regard to Note 5 (which if the finish of the back cover, if the position of the camera, if the height of the buttons ...), all that let us mention in addition Traces reader is new iris scanner. Scanner? How iris? Yes, it seems to unlock the phone with footprint is beginning to be a thing of the past, and rumors say that Samsung is betting on its new flagship for a technology that will identify us through our eye.

What wakes us very curious is whether it will be a iris scanner or high - tech, as we check in our analysis ZTE Axon Mini Premium , will simply be a way to incorporate facial recognition Android. In the case of Samsung, and knowing the price will be around the phone, we focus more on the former.

The fingerprint reader, meanwhile, continue hosted on the Start button, which will occupy the strip that runs along the bottom of the screen. To the left of this button we can see the backlit key menu option, while the right is the option Backspace.

Moreover, filtration of which has echoed in SamMobile.com it comes to reveal the Note7 will feed stream through a USB port Type-C. To reassure users, it appears that the addition of this port will result in the elimination of the output minijack , and at least in the picture is perfectly appreciates the audio output located on the left of charging port.

All this, and much more, we confirm, or desmentir- on August 2. Until then, we enjoy the wait.

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