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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

All About the New Home of HomeKit App for iOS 10

As part of the new mobile operating system from Apple, HomeKit has obtained a new traveling companion for their services, the Home application.

With the app Home, users can control all devices, accessories and home automation gadgets compatible with HomeKit.

Before launching the app on iOS Home 10 configure services HomeKit was a real headache if you had many accessories, you needed to install many applications from different companies in the App Store ...

Wander Home ...

When you start the application appear the words "Welcome Home" and shows us some tips for using the app. If you do not have yet any compatible device HomeKit, will ask what name you want to put your "Home".

On the main Home screen you'll see a selection of your favorite accessories and your favorite scenes (HomeKit actions).

At the top, you'll see a status indicator that will show you what is on, for example "Two lights" something very useful for saving energy in a couple of taps.

The Home iOS app 10 does a great job when moving interface elements from one place to another and customize the actions to your liking. You can even keep your finger on some buttons to access more detailed controls.

Complementing the new application Home for HomeKit, we have the new panel Control Center , which also allows access to your accessories and your favorite scenes.

These quick actions Home and iOS Control Center 10 are ideal for those (including myself included) who go crazy by turning off lights throughout the house to save energy. The planet will end up thanking us what! 😉

Have you already tried the new iOS app Home 10? What are your favorite accessories HomeKit?

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