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Friday, 1 July 2016

Android N now officially called Android Nougat

In its core business earlier this year, Google announced the latest version of its operating system - Android N, which aims to improve the experience of interaction with mobile devices. On Thursday, the search giant officially announced the name of the new version of the operating system. So, Android N is now officially called the Nougat. And no, it does not translate as "random", although it is possible that this is how Google and chose the name.

Nougat is the nougat. Therefore, saved Android sweets, a new product, and near the headquarters of Google - a new monument for the green robot. It is unclear what kind of sequence number is the new operating system. This may be an Android 6.1 and Android 7.0. But this we found out later.

Among the great innovations of Android developers call Nougat increased battery life, support for virtual reality, a "snapshot of the application", new multitasking capabilities. Android N was the first version of the Google operating system supported by мультиоконного mode. Users can display two different applications simultaneously and to install suitable for the size of the windows. This feature is introduced in the iPad last year.

One of the interesting new features in Android was the background update device. This concept means that the system uses a warehouse section to work, and the second for installing the update. The update is automatically downloaded to the device in the background. As soon as the user restarts the smartphone or tablet, you can immediately use the new version of the operating system without the interruption of a process of interaction with the device.

In total, N Android update includes 250 new features and enhancements, and Google promises and late summer release.

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