Apple Car already exists and is circulating in your city -


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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Apple Car already exists and is circulating in your city

Apple has already created the Apple Car, may not have come to Spain but if it exists. To Create a car from scratch? Bullshit, Apple knows that it is unnecessary. Apple is smarter. We are surrounded by Apple Car, every time we will see more and more. And soon you'll have one at the door of your house.

No, I'm not hallucinating, is that Apple has not been necessary to put the bite on the car body to be an Apple Car apple. Apple Car There are many, many brands. Prices vary, models, covering needs. What does that mean? It is quite possible that Apple users buy a "Apple Car" because they have thousands of options.

How will be the Apple Car?

Simple, carplay, all the functionality of iOS is in your car if this has carplay. Siri, is your copilot. What could we expect from Apple car? Carplay offers all the features we need when our driving. In addition, produce a car? It would be crazy for the company launch into the pool and as I said: Apple knows that they do not need.

Currently, Apple accounts with luxury cars, normal, off - road .... That range is the best opportunity for the company and for you: the user. What would need a domestic technology company creating products to other scales? Not come within your business logic.

There are many models

According to Apple's website you can find 100 car models with carplay technology, ie 100 types of Apple Car.

Compatible models carplay |

But it is more, several multimedia Pioneer models which can have in your car - are upgradable to have carplay.

Of course, we can not deny that Apple Car if there is more, there are at least 100 Apple Car. We've gone from not having one and only speculate on their future existence to see that we have many, on all existing ranges of cars. What's better than that? Apple Car for every need and will for disbursing a paste by the company!

And you? Do you think Apple Car already exists?

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