Apple Delays Project Titan Until 2021 -


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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Apple Delays Project Titan Until 2021

We have news about Project Titan, the codename for the development and manufacture of Apple Car.

In recent months it has not been known much about Apple Car. The latest news on the electric car and autonomous Apple came in February, when it was learned that was being built in Sunnyvale , California.

A month earlier, in January, Apple posted the and domains . Unfortunately, today we bring bad news, the Apple Car will be delayed until 2021.

Interest might work | Apple needs a new product, but not an iPhone or an iPad

We know this information because a profile of one of three brothers who have been working on Project Titan Apple.

According to The Information :

"A person of Project Titan team found that the company was trying to prepare a vehicle ahead to 2020 but the goal was delayed until 2021."

Until today, it was expected that the autonomous car would Apple in 2020, although this information was leaked over a year ago. But the development of a vehicle is not similar to a mobile process, and it is logical that Apple delayed its commissioning.

In addition, Steve Zedesky (who led the project) left Apple after 16 years due to "personal reasons". And this could have significantly influenced the delay sales of Apple Watch.

Moreover, it is estimated that more than 600 employees are working on Project Titan Apple.

For now what is unknown aspect autonomous car will Apple. Do you think that will have a more traditional or futuristic design?

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