Apple financial results belonging to the third fiscal quarter of 2016

As expected, Apple has announced a few hours ago its financial results belonging to the third fiscal quarter of 2016.

The bad news for the Cupertino is that due to falling sales of the iPhone, they are nothing good, although Tim Cook is optimistic for the launch of the iPhone in July.

  • Revenue: $ 42.4 million compared to 49.6 the previous year.
  • iPhone: 40.4 million units sold compared to 47.5 the previous year.
  • iPad: 10 million units sold compared to 10.9 the previous year.
  • Mac: 4.2 million units sold compared to 4.8 the previous year.
A drop in sales, which primarily affects the iPhone

Although all the company 's products have sold fewer units than last year, the new iPhone has had a difficult quarter, selling up to 15% less units compared to the previous year.

Obviously, factors such as the high price of the dollar and the cooling economy in China have influenced low sales of the iPhone, although as expected, Tim Cook has confirmed that continue betting on the Asian country, which can present a great growth opportunity.

The iPad remains in the doldrums

Similarly, the iPad is another device that remains in the doldrums, this time getting 9% lower sales compared to the same quarter last year.

Still, not all is bad news for Apple, as the iPad Pro 9.7 "has helped product sales increase by 7% to negligible.

Still, expectations have been exceeded Wall Street Journal

While indeed we can not deny that it has not been a particularly good quarter for Apple, the company has exceeded the expectations of Wall Street Journal, who predicted that earnings per share will stand at $ 1.39 and not $ 1.42 as has actually occurred.

Therefore, Apple has benefited in the bag, which presents an increase of 5% in after-hours trading
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