Apple has invented, how to make the iPhone suitable for use with one hand -


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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Apple has invented, how to make the iPhone suitable for use with one hand

Remember the days when Apple proud of the fact that the iPhone is the only smartphone to handle comfortably with one hand? This was the main argument against the company increases the screen of your gadget. Finally Apple has surrendered and has posted a 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone, but, unfortunately, not known for ease of use with one hand.

Troubleshooting with giant iPhone Ergonomics is the function Reachability - Press the Home button, which lowers the screen contents down twice. The finding was quite original, but very applicable in practice. Therefore, engineers at Apple, there is still an idea.

A new patent of the "apple" of the corporation describes the technology that the iPhone determine which hand of person who has the device and accordingly, the adequacy of the operating system interface. Elements of an operating system will be transferred to the sphere of the screen, next to the thumb, which will use the most convenient gadgets is.

How the iPhone will be able to determine a user's hand? The patent states that the smartphone continuously analyze information from a variety of sensors on the device, including accelerometer and gyroscope. The phone will also be set on which finger gesture "slide-to-unlock" was used. This, incidentally, is not relevant to the iOS 10 OS, which is unlocked by pressing the Home button.

In addition, to determine which hand the user has taken the iPhone, the smartphone to record touch screen and casing. Previously, Apple got similar patent Apple Pencil of the new generation located along the sensor housing, for fixing the position of the fingers and distinguish the variety of gesture control options.

In the future, Apple could launch an iPhone with the screen, wrapped around the housing. The device probably be to maintain Touch 3D, not only the front face but also on the back. And in this case of the iPhone, it will be easily able to recognize the hand with which the user holds the phone.

As always with Apple's patents, the company does not specify implementation deadlines in the development of commercial products. But it is expected that the implementation of this technology will not wait long.

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