Apple has a patent for screens with 3D technology -


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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Apple has a patent for screens with 3D technology

Apple tries to renew each year to stay ahead of technology and the latest trends, so every year takes numerous patent applications that refer to new technologies and concepts applicable to the various products and services offered by the Cupertino company. On this occasion, the company filed a patent application for a stereoscopic technology where there would be no need for special glasses.

The Apple patent application published today could potentially be applied in iPhones and other devices with screens s "autostereoscopica" type, favoring simulation in 3D without special glasses.

The patent filed by the Cupertino company, describes a pixel array with a second matrix subpixels added to lens structures, the latter structures have the function of emitting light at different angles. Although the key component would be the "beam steerer" which would make possible the autostereoscopic image.

To find out where the light for proper 3D simulation point, a device would use a camera or an accelerometer. This suggests that this technology would be applied on mobile devices, but Apple could try to implement this feature in the MacBook.

3D vision without special glasses largely has yet to take off in the field of electronics. Amazon tried to implement this technology from another angle, with your phone Fire, but despite using a sensor system of "dynamic vision" mobile not offer a real stereoscopic effect, so that the implementation of the autostereoscopic technology was failed.

The patent application was originally filed in January 2015 and is accredited to name Jean-Jacques Drolet, who is the manager of Apple's display technologies.

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