Apple In-App Purchases Hacked With Cydia iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3 -


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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Apple In-App Purchases Hacked With Cydia iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3

While there are many tweaks available to offer free in-app purchases on your jailbroken iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8, 8.3, 8.4 or 8.4.1,9, iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3 but here’re some of the best tweaks for this job.
Please note that we hate piracy. This post is just for educational purposes. If you like any feature in game or app, always buy it to pay respect to respective developer so he can continue to make cool apps and games for us.

Best Cydia Tweaks for Free In-App Purchases on iPhone/iPad

Before you proceed with installing these cydia tweaks, first of all make sure that your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken and Cydia is working perfectly on it. If it so, first install AppSync on your iDevice and then you are ready to proceed.
  • iAP Cracker iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3

iAP Cracker is probably the most popular Cydia tweak that offers free in-app purchases on many games and tweaks for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3 so they can try out the feature before buying it. iAP Cracker supports many new games and apps and works with latest iOS version.
  • iAPFree for iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3
iAPFree seconds our list of best cydia tweaks that offers free in-app purchases to loyal users of iPhone and iPad. While the list of support games and apps is increasing so it’s a good alternative to iAP Cracker.

While the above two are good but if your app or games isn’t support by iAP Cracker and iAPFree, you can opt for LocaliAPStore which is yet another Cydia tweak for same purpose.
iAPCrazy is liked by thousands of iPhone users because of its simple interface and huge list of games which it supports. iAPCrazy, like the other tweaks requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad and works with iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3.
This was list of some of the best and top Cydia tweaks to offer free in-app purchases on your iPhone and iPad running on iOS9.2 - iOS9.3.3.

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