Apple iPhone 7 could have a 3D Touch the Home button and comes with new color Space Black

Rumors about a 3D Touch the Home button on the iPhone 7 to resist the pressure and chopped touch of a finger. That means the iPhone 7 will no longer press the Home button and the Home button makes the iPhone 7 is likely to be pushed up as far above the surface of the screen. And features of the MacBook Trackpad uses the same version.

If this news is true, It is good news for iPhone users because a 3D Touch the Home button will reduce the problems iPhone users all along is to press the Home button, press the Home button to allow users to worry that if the damage is frequent.

There are further reports that the iPhone 7 will have the opportunity to have a new color is Black Space Black Like the Mac Pro 2013 estimated that black is used in the iPhone 7 will be the same color as the Apple Watch Edition Color Space Black by. the nature and shape of the Home button a 3D Touch and iPhone 7 color Space black is expected to be similar to the iPhone black Edition Photo by Martin Hajek is made ​​out to be quite nice and very beautiful.

For iPhone 7 Color Space Black is a color that iPhone users expect enough. If the color appears in the model year 2016 launch of the iPhone in September. 2559 is to be Continue to create exciting and worth the wait for many. People have certainly
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