Apple is not far behind and responds to allegations of Spotify -


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Monday, 4 July 2016

Apple is not far behind and responds to allegations of Spotify

You may remember that yesterday the music streaming service Spotify accused by a letter to Apple not to allow upload your application update to the App Store, implying that this measure the only one that would benefit was Apple Music. The Cupertino company did not stay idly by and responded to the letter from the attorney representing Spotify.

"We find it worrying that are asking for exceptions to the rules that apply to all developers and publicly resort to rumors and half - truths about our service , " according to Sewell, Apple representative in response to attorney Spotify, Horacio Gutierrez .

"Our guidelines apply equally to all application developers, whether developers, vendors of electronic books, video streaming services or distributors of digital music; and regardless of whether or not to compete against Apple , "said Sewell. "We will not alter our behavior or our rules when we present our own music streaming service Spotify or when it became a competitor."

The letter, in fact, suggests that Spotify is calling for a "preferential treatment" and vehemently denies any violation of antitrust laws. Sewell also states that the current iOS application Spotify already violates the guidelines of the store.

Recall that earlier this week the representative of the company's music streaming service, lawyer accused Apple of anticompetitive maneuvers that have damaged both Spotify and its customers by rejecting an application update that did not meet standards the App Store and the business model. It is not clear what was in the update of Spotify, but presumably refers to the complaint about the 30 percent cut Apple on all purchases of apps, even for external services.

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