Apple Launches Four packs of animated emoji stickers for iOS 10 -


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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Apple Launches Four packs of animated emoji stickers for iOS 10

Apple has released four packages animated emoji stickers for beta testers IOS 10. One of the exciting new features of iOS 10 is the ability for developers to create animated emoji iMessage using the API of the application. Why the Cupertino company today offers a sample capacity API iMessage, surrendering four packs of animated emojis.

Available for users running the latest beta of iOS 10 Apple, stickers packs can be downloaded through iTunes, including faces, hearts, hands and classic Mac icons.

The packs are divided into:

Classic Mac

In its current form, the pack of smiles, hearts and hands will be very familiar to users of Apple Watch, while the pack 'Classic Mac' includes a pack of original Macintosh icons created by the graphic designer Susan Kare.

Once installed, you can access the emojis from the application button messages and incorporate them into a conversation with a twist. Alternatively, users can drag and drop around emoticons chat bubbles, or even duplicate images in other emoji.

This was announced at the event of the Worldwide Developers Conference this year, where the animated stickers will be included in the application through the API iMessage.

Moreover, Apple opens its messaging platform to developers for the first time with the arrival of iOS 10 allowing the integration of third party applications that goes beyond the animated stickers. In a demonstration at WWDC, for example, it showed that you could order food and make payments from the application of iMessage.

It is expected that Apple packs of stickers will join the original creations of external developers, when the iMessage App Store is launched this year.

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